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Structural and Geotechnical Research Centre

Structural and Geotechnical Research Centre (SGRC) is a Consultant Office established in 1991 by Prof. Ezzat Abdel Fattah. Since its establishment, SGRC had executed hundreds of major construction projects in Egypt as well as Arab countries.

SGRC structure is divided into the following departments: Structural & Architectural design department, Electromechanical design department, Geotechnical department, Project management and field supervision department, financial department and Quality Control department supported by a laboratory equipped for all quality assurance tests.

SGRC has a permanent staff consists of 2 Doctors & Managers (heading the departments), 10 Engineers, 15 Technicians, 3 accountants and 2 secretary, and various number of temporary engineers are hired according to the number and sizes of the projects performed each year.

During the past 22 years, SGRC had successfully performed over 2000 Geotechnical report, over 100 major design projects and over 500 structural revisions for the insurance pole. As a result, SGRC became the consultant for many Egyptian ministries as well as major clients such as, the Ministry of Energy and Electricity, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, The ARAB CONTRACTORS, EGEMAC, ALSTOM, ABB, ENERGYA, ABDELLAH SONS, ELEGECT, KAHROMICA, HYDELECO, MISR SOAP AND OIL COMPANY AND AEG.