Suez Canal Overhead Transmission Line Crossing

Design of Foundations, Piles, Load Analysis

About the project

The Suez Canal overhead powerline crossing is a major electrical power line built across the Suez Canal in 1998, located near Suez, Egypt. It is designed for two 500 kV circuits.

Because the required clearance over the Suez Canal is 152 metres (166 yd), the overhead line has two 221 metres  (242 yd) high pylons (one on either side of the crossing) and Considered on of the Tallest Towers World Wide, in spite of its small span width of 600 metres (660 yd). The pylons each have four crossarms: three for the conductors and one for catching the conductors in case of an insulator string failure.

Category: OHTL & Substations Design

Date: 14 January 1998

Client: EETC

Place: Suez Canal